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Better Science Is Now Showing Why The Fats We Eat Are The Key To “Cracking The Code” For Reclaiming Vibrant Physical Health And High-Powered Mental Energy And Focus...

But Many Stored Fats Are So Prone To Oxidation They Become Dangerous Instead of Healthy...

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What you are about to read is the story of a game-changing technological breakthrough that makes super fat bio-hacking as easy as slipping a switch! Which means...

If you'd like to discover how you can produce your own "super-fats" and other anti-inflammatory oils... you're in the right place.

Here’s why.

​ You already know you've been told a pack of lies by the deep state medical establishment and by big ag too...

​ You also know these lies have a price tag. The big costs here could even be your health or perhaps ​your life itself. (or that of a loved one)

​ Big Lie ​#1

​ You’ve been told for years that the healthiest type of fat is vegetable oil or canola oil. You’ve been told that it prevents heart attacks and helps you to live longer.

But it’s all a big fat lie.

In fact, the recommendation to use vegetable oil could turn out to be some of the most dangerous dietary advice ever! Some would even say it’s practically medical malpractice.

You certainly won’t hear it from the mainstream media. Nor will you hear it from your doctor, or even most dieticians ... but the fact is,

So-called “healthy” vegetable oils can be devastating to your health!

Think I’m kidding? Consider this: when margarine and vegetable oils began replacing butter and other fats in the American diet about 50 years ago, rates of cancer, heart disease, and obesity skyrocketed.

In fact, an analysis of more than 20 studies revealed that even though the so-called healthy polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils can lower your cholesterol, they actually increase your risk of death from heart disease!

Animal studies have shown that vegetable oil (compared to other types of fats) is actually harmful to your health:

  • It can damage your ability to learn
  • It can negatively impact your mood and mental health
  • It’s toxic to your liver
  • It can harm your immune system

Whoa! What the heck is going on here? Why are these oils so bad for you?

Five Reasons:

Reason #1: Vegetable oils are highly processed
They’re about as far as you can get from natural. Harsh chemicals are used to refine them. Before they’re edible, they have to be "degummed" and bleached. Very high temperatures are used during refining, and that leads to ...

Reason #2: Dangerous Free Radicals
Free radicals created during the refining process even make the oil smell terrible! That’s because it’s actually turning rancid. So what do manufacturers do? They use even more processing to deodorize them. One way they do this is to turn healthy (but delicate) omega-3 fatty acids into trans-fatty acids that “don’t spoil”. And we all know now just how dangerous trans-fatty acids are. Fortunately, that’s not something that needs to be proved any longer. But that’s not the only kind of fat that’s dangerous.

Reason #3: Too many omega-6 fats
Vegetable oils are mostly comprised of omega-6 fats ... and they’re not bad, as long as they’re balanced with omega-3s. But today, we get far too much omega-6 in a typical diet. In fact, they’re linked to chronic inflammation, which in turn leads to so many of the “modern living” diseases that are so prevalent today, like heart attacks, strokes, irregular heartbeat, arthritis, obesity and even cancer.

Reason #4: GMOs
Almost all the canola and soy that goes into making vegetable oil is genetically modified. Same goes for cottonseed oil. The world is finally waking up to just how dangerous GMOs are to human health. The GMOs themselves are bad enough. But that’s not all.

Canola and soybean crops are engineered to stand up to heavy pesticide use... so, of course, they’re drenched with pesticides like DDT, TDE, DDE, and glyphosate...  all extremely toxic. (The World Health Organization recently declared glyphosate to be a probable carcinogen.) One of the most disturbing discoveries about glyphosate is that when you ingest it, it actually alters your gut bacteria! As if that weren’t enough, there’s reason #5 to worry about.

Reason #5: Toxic when heated
When you heat vegetable oil, dozens upon dozens of cancer-causing compounds are created... chemicals like pentane, hexane, and benzene. One analysis revealed that well over 100 volatile compounds are found in fried chicken cooked in vegetable oil!

But perhaps worst of all are the aldehydes. Aldehydes are extremely toxic chemicals that affect almost every cell in your body. Scientists have now discovered that they are linked with neuro-degenerative diseases and cancer.

Still think vegetable oil is the “healthy” choice?

“Big Food” is not going to correct this problem without some prompting from consumers. And here’s why.

The “healthy” vegetable oil industry is big business. It’s a large-scale industrial process that puts profits before health. There is simply no way to produce vegetable oil without degumming, bleaching, and deodorizing along the way. And even if you could skip the bad part of the processing you’d still be eating too many omega-6s and not enough omega-3s.

There’s only one way around the problem -- ditch the vegetable oils!

Those vegetable oils aren’t doing you a bit of good. But without the likes of canola oil... or corn oil... or “vegetable” oil (what vegetables, I wonder) ... what will you use to cook with?

Nut oil. Yep. Nut oil.

Nut oil from nuts that you choose, and that you press in the convenience of your own home.

It’s no secret that nuts are healthy. The same goes for nut oils. I’ll tell you more about their many health benefits in a moment, but first, let me introduce you to a technological breakthrough that gives you unlimited access to the freshest, most flavorful, most healthful nut oils in the world.

It’s a health game-changer because ...

The revolutionary new Miracle Oil Maker lets you take back control of your food supply and cold press your own nut oils... quickly and easily!

The Miracle Oil Maker enables you to do so easily and conveniently.

And, with the Miracle Oil Maker, fresh nut oils are available at the touch of a button. You press your own oil as you need it, so it’s always at the peak of freshness and flavor. (That freshness is important, and I’ll explain why in a moment.)

The machine takes less than a minute to get ready. And in less than ten minutes, you’ll have a supply of freshly pressed oil ready to use in your favorite dishes.

With the Miracle Oil Maker, you can take back control of your food supply and create delicious, healthy nut oils quickly and easily.

A special word for the “foodies” out there: if you want to prepare dishes at home that rival those prepared by 5-star chefs, fresh nut oil is a must. (Once you start using fresh nut oils, your family and friends will think you’ve gone to cooking school!)

Dress a salad of baby greens, walnuts, and cranberries with a walnut oil-based salad dressing. Drizzle some hazelnut oil over steamed green beans. Use almond oil as the fat in your favorite baked dessert recipe. Make a stir-fry with macadamia nut oil. With so many types of nut oils to choose from, you’ll never run out of ideas.

But make no mistake about it ... it’s not just about the flavor!

Nut oils are among the healthiest fats you can eat. Almond oil, walnut oil, macadamia nut oil, hazelnut oil, pine nut oil, pistachio oil... each of these oils has a different nutrient profile, a different smoke point, and a different flavor. That means you have all kinds of options to choose from, depending on your health goals and your culinary preferences.

Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Macadamia nut oil has a fairly high smoke point (413 degrees) so it’s ideal for stir-frying and cooking at high temperatures. It’s low in saturated fat, high in mono and polyunsaturated fats, and it has a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.

Plus, it contains anti-aging compounds like squalene, and important trace minerals like manganese, copper, and magnesium. The flavor is both rich and delicate, making it an excellent choice for a wide variety of culinary uses. (Tip: substitute macadamia nut oil for some of the butter next time you bake macadamia nut cookies.)

Walnut oil contains antioxidants, manganese, copper, and melatonin (the sleep hormone). It’s high in alpha linolenic acid, an important building block of omega-3 fats. Best of all, though, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s been shown to improve blood circulation, boost artery health, and even helps lower the risk of heart disease via an improved cholesterol profile. Plus, it contains those all-important omega-3 fats that are so necessary for brain and heart health.

Almond oil is low in saturated fat, high in monounsaturated fat, and is an excellent source of vitamin E. Its smoke point of 420 makes it great for baking; the flavor makes it a good choice for dressings and desserts. Like walnut oil, it supports cardiovascular health.

Pine nut oil has documented therapeutic properties, according to Russian healthcare practitioners. It’s used for all manner of gastrointestinal issues. It can also help reduce appetite and help in weight management.

Good health starts with the best quality food, including the best quality fats and oils. If you truly believe that, then the Miracle Oil Maker is one of the smartest health investments you can make.

No matter what your diet, nut oil makes it better!

Every meal becomes a gourmet treat when you use artisanal nut oils pressed in your own kitchen.

The Miracle Oil Maker is also an excellent tool for anyone who wants to eat a more natural, nutrient-dense diet. Nut oils are suitable for a wide variety of diets. Paleo... vegetarian... vegan... low carb... even low fat!

It’s true, nut oils are the perfect fats for low fat diets. That’s because if you’re limiting the amount of fat in your diet, the quality becomes more important than ever before! And fresh-pressed nut oil fits the bill.

“But what about olive oil?”

“But what about olive oil?” you ask. That’s a great question! High quality olive oil should be in everyone’s pantry. It’s an excellent choice if you follow these two rules.

Rule #1 for olive oil: never, ever heat it.
Olive oil is wonderful for you ... as long as you use it at room temperature. Olive oil contains at least 70% monounsaturated fat, a good type of fat. But it doesn’t withstand temperatures very well above about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The phenols in olive oil are one of the reasons it’s so healthy – they’re powerful antioxidants. But once the heat is turned up, the phenols begin to deteriorate rapidly.

Rule #2 for olive oil: make sure it isn’t counterfeit.
At this writing, there are class action lawsuits pending against three of the most popular olive oil brands sold in the U.S. What people thought they were buying and what they got were allegedly two different things. Did you know that some so-called extra virgin olive oil is diluted with sunflower seed or other cheaper oils? Or that colorants are sometimes added to make it look more authentic?

In 2010, the University of California did a study of imported extra virgin olive oils. They found that 7 out of 10 did not consistently meet international standards for extra virgin olive oil!

Something to consider: if counterfeit olive oil is so common, who’s to say purchased nut oils are as pure as they claim to be? How could you be sure?

And even if you’re certain the oil you’re purchasing is the real deal, there’s something else to think about:

Is it fresh... or is it secretly rancid and

filled with free radicals?

Listen, when you buy oil of any kind – vegetable oil, olive oil, nut oil – there’s no way to tell how fresh it is. The expiration date isn’t helpful, because it doesn’t tell you when the oil was actually pressed.

But here’s the thing. Even what seems like fresh oil can still have too many free radicals. Here are three reasons why.

Reason #1: Long distance shipping
Oils are at their best when newly bottled. If they are shipped long distances, the oil can begin to spoil. Environmental conditions may be uncontrolled as the oil is trucked across the country ... or shipped in a cargo container across the ocean. Too hot, too cold, or swings between the two will affect the quality of the oil. The longer the distance, and the more temperature shifts, the more free radicals can form.

Reason #2: Improper storage in warehouses, in retail stores and at home
Light, heat, and oxygen are the enemies of all oils. And, if oils are in a clear glass bottle, or stored in a light-exposed area, it can increase the speed of free radical formation. Same goes for heat. Think about any type of food grade oil sitting on hot trucks in the summer and then stored in un-refrigerated warehouses for 10 months or more until it’s time to ship them to a retail store. Yikes!

And listen... don’t ever store your oils in the cabinets next to the stove! And every time you open the bottle, you’re exposing the oil in it to oxygen, causing even more free radical formation.

Reason #3: Overheating in cooking
Different types of oils have different heat tolerances. Extra virgin olive oil for example has a fairly low smoke point. In fact, it should really be used only at room temperature. Once it hits the smoke point of 320 degrees, the antioxidants diminish and free radicals increase. That’s also why, if you want to cook at higher heat with oils, you need to choose one that won’t degrade, like hazelnut oil with a smoke point of 430.

With the Miracle Oil Maker, you’re in control. You can press only the oil you’ll need in the short-term. That means you’ll never have free radicals forming in your oil at every stage. On top of that, here’s a cool “side benefit” from using nut oils...

Nut oil can make you beautiful from the inside out!

It’s a fact: Good nutrition leads to glowing skin and shiny hair. Nut oils, because they’re so good for your body, can help you to achieve that from the inside out. So... when you press your own oil, you don’t just have great cooking oils. You also have a precious beauty secret.

It’s hard to say which is worse – the chemicals in highly processed vegetable oils, or the chemicals in cosmetics. Nut oil solves both problems. Not only is nut oil great for your body, but it’s also pretty amazing for use on skin and hair.

Take almond oil. Fresh-pressed almond oil has been used for thousands of years as a skin moisturizer. It can also help soothe chapped lips or dry, irritated skin. Eczema sufferers swear by it!

Here’s just a partial list of the things you can do with almond oil:

  • It’s an ideal substitute for hand and foot creams, because it won’t leave a greasy residue on your skin. Best of all, you only need a tiny bit!
  • If you make your own lotions, almond oil will help you create a pleasant, less greasy lotion.
  • Use it as a base for massage oil.
  • Put a little bit in your palm, rub your hands together, and run them through your hair to tame frizzy or flyaway hair.
  • Use almond oil on your skin before shaving to reduce nicks and cuts.
  • Mix it with sea salt for a natural beauty scrub.

And that’s just almond oil!

Here’s how you can use other nut oils as part of your personal care routine:

  • Use freshly pressed walnut oil as a hair conditioner. Rub the oil into your scalp and hair, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then shampoo as usual.
  • Hazelnut oil also works well as a conditioner, especially for dry and damaged hair.
  • If other oils make your skin break out, try macadamia nut oil. It absorbs into the skin quickly and won’t leave a greasy residue.
  • Another good choice for sensitive skin is pine nut oil because it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Hazelnut oil works well as a light sunscreen without toxic chemicals.
  • Use macadamia nut oil on the delicate skin under and around your eyes as an anti-aging cream.
  • If you have sensitive skin, try macadamia nut oil as your moisturizer. It’s chemically very similar to your skin’s own natural oils. Plus, the palmitoleic acid in it makes it especially beneficial for older skin.

With every oil pressing, you’ll get an

unexpected bonus!

Another great thing about the Miracle Oil Maker is that no part of the nut goes to waste. When you press it, you’re pressing out the oil. What’s left behind is a combination of high protein and fibrous carbohydrate.

The material left behind after the oil is extracted may be a byproduct of the pressing, but it’s not a waste product! Just the opposite! Depending on the type of nut, the byproduct ranges from a soft, fluffy nut flour to a harder meal that can be broken up and used in all kinds of ways. If you’ve ever purchased nut flour or nut meal, you know how pricey they can be!

Press walnuts or macadamia nuts, and you get nice, soft nut flour! Almond flour yields a harder, crunchier product but it’s easily broken up into a meal-like texture. You’ll definitely want to save the flour from each pressing and use it in your cooking. Here are just a few ways to use it:

  • Substitute walnut flour for part of the regular flour in baked goods like banana nut bread.
  • Substitute macadamia nut flour for some of the regular flour when baking shortbread or butter cookies – it adds a delicious richness!
  • Break up the almond byproduct and use it to make your own granola, top ice cream with it, or add it to salads for extra crunch.

Nut flour and nut meal are expensive! Now you get it for free every time you press nut oil with the Miracle Oil Maker.

  • Save the flour from different nut pressings and use it instead of breadcrumbs to coat fish or chicken. Mix different kinds of nut flours and take the flavors to a whole new level!
  • Add back a little bit of oil to your nut flour and press into crusts for tarts and pies.

​Want To Add The Potent Antioxidant "Selenium" To Your Diet?

​Easy.  When you buy mixed nuts, instead of throwing away any Brazil nuts... run a handful through your Miracle Oil Maker and in minutes... you have an extremely potent supply of Brazil nut oil which you can take directly or put in a smoothy.

With Our 90-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee,

​There’s No Risk To You!

We think the best way for you to believe in the Miracle Oil Maker is to try it. That’s why we’re offering a 90-Day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. (Plus, of course, you get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.) If you don’t love how The Miracle Oil Maker takes cooking, health and great skin to a whole new level... if you aren’t thrilled with the freshest oils you’ve ever tasted ... then return it for a complete refund.

During your 90-day guarantee period, try a little experiment. If you’ve been using vegetable oils, stop using them completely for two or three weeks. (Read labels, too, because they’re everywhere!) Use only fresh-pressed nut oil.

You’ll notice right away how much better your food tastes, and how much more satisfied you are after each meal. After two or three weeks, fry something in vegetable oil and eat it ... if you dare! You won’t believe how rancid it tastes!

Order now while supplies last

​The retail price is $795.00, and I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a fair price. After all, it can transform your cooking and help you to eat healthier. Plus... it has an industrial or commercial feel to it.

You get a 90-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee, along with the usual manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Remember, you won’t find the Miracle Oil Maker anywhere else!

Not in stores. Not on TV.

So if you want to be sure you’re using the healthiest, safest oil possible... you really need to press your own. Let’s look again at the reasons one more time:

  • Vegetable oils are highly processed, toxic, and inflammatory
  • Many oils are prone to free radical formation
  • Commercially bought olive oils and nut oils have the potential to be counterfeits, so you may be paying for a dangerously inferior oil
  • Fresh, home-pressed nut oil likely contains far fewer free radicals
  • Home-pressed nut oils have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Home-pressed nut oils contain many healthful, important micronutrients
  • Home-pressed nut oils put you in control of your food supply – not some anonymous multi-national corporation who doesn’t care a hill of beans about you!

Oil Comparison Chart

As you can see in the comparison chart above, the Miracle Oil Maker isn’t a luxury – if we’re talking about health and safety... it’s a necessity!

The only way to have peace of mind is to take back control of your food supply and make your own bulletproof “super fats” in your own home. And the Miracle Oil Maker makes it easy!

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